General Healing Session

In a general healing session, we will look at what's coming up for you in the moment; what has been surfacing for you recently in order for us to decide the best approach. Smudging, light extraction work, grounding exercises, and meditations may be implemented. We may look at some elemental rebalancing and clearing and toning of the chakra points to help bring you back to your body and back to the present moment. A tarot reading may be an appropriate source of guidance and inspiration at this time as well.

General Healing Sessions run from 50 minutes to 75 minutes.


Smudging: A way of clearing any lingering and stuck energies through burning sage (or other plant material) and guiding the smoke up and away from a person usually through the aid of a wing or feather. It is a light and gentle method for clearing energies away from the body.

Light Extraction Work: Goes a little deeper than smudging and may be aided by a rattle to shake up energies that need a little more "nudging." 

Elemental Rebalancing: The body is made up of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. As such, some elements become, for one reason or another, out of balance. This technique helps the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes reset.