Highlights : Paris

For a Hipster Coffee Fix:

Ten Belles (Canal St. Martin)

Radio Days (Canal St. Martin)

KB Cafeshop (Montmartre)

Shakespeare & Co (Notre Dame)


The Best Green Space: 

Parc des Buttes Chaumont


For A Non-Louvre Experience:

Musée de l'Orangerie

Musée national Picasso-Paris


Other Things Worth A Mention:

  • Get a baguette or two or three while you're in Paris. One baguette will set you back a Euro. That's it. (It'll make up for the expensive long black or macchiato you'll be ordering at the hipster cafe.)

  • Do learn a few French phrases. I opted for "Hello. I'm sorry. I do not speak French." or: "Hello. If you please, do you speak English?" I also used "Check, please," "How are you?" and other basics. Don't be surprised to get a "Ma'am," "Miss," or "Mister." It's part of the polite and formal nature of Parisians.

  • Try the pastries. Even if you "don't do gluten or dairy or sugar." Unless of course you're allergic. But they are really inexpensive and really good. I mean, how many times are you going to eat a pain du chocolat in Paris?

  • I read on other blogs about how walkable Paris is. While that's true (and I often got in about 7-9 miles a day on foot), don't hesitate to take the Metro around too. It's a very good Metro and easy to navigate. 

  • Don't go in August like I did. Places shut down and it's full of tourists. Go on an off season/month. That said, the weather was great....

  • Watch your step. Dogs/Cats/Humans/Other Creatures tend to leave messes around on sidewalks...


Hallelujah as covered by Jeff Buckley: 

Just a song I love. No relevance to Paris whatsoever.