We live in a world of symbols. It's easier to pick some symbols out more than others. A gun means violence and aggression to some, protection and safety for others. Maybe both. But what about the symbols we inhabit that are more subtle or nuanced?

I went for a trail run today. The day was warm, but not too warm, and sunny. The perfect day to run and walk and think and feel the rush of exercise. 

While I was running, I passed an older white man in a yellow windbreaker. He was jogging, slow and steady, but not stopping. I moved out of his way and he smiled and acknowledged me. 

I passed him again later. He called out: "Have you made your goal yet?"

"No, not yet," I replied, taking out an earbud. "Have you?"

"Just about," he said. 

Later still, I was on the path behind him. I watched as he stopped thoughtfully and removed fallen tree limbs from the paved road, putting them carefully and deliberately to the side of the trail. 

Then the older white man in the yellow windbreaker resumed his jog. Steady, slow, deliberate. I finally overtook him on the trail, but marveled at his endurance and resolve. He didn't seem fatigued in the slightest. 

I waved as I passed him for the third time (and when we see things in threes, we listen. we pay attention. this, this is important Spirt says.).

"You've got it!" He shouted with sincere enthusiasm. 

I could only think of symbols as I passed him, hearing his genuine encouragement:

The good, true, and beautiful of the elders, the men, do want us, the youth, the women, the other, to succeed. That our goal is not yet reached, but they are there. There is support. Genuine support.

Yellow too, is associated with the Manipura chakra, our solar plexus chakra. It is the place of our personal power. It is the place where we find the will to pursue our goals. Self-esteem is found here. 

"Have you made your goal yet?" You've got it!" The man in the yellow coat encourages.

A needed and necessary invitation, from the external environment. Slow and steady. Slow and deliberate. Keep moving. 

Goals. Self-esteem. Witnessing. Personal Power.

I've got this.